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Settle your taxes for digital assets

Save yourself the guesswork and talk to crypto tax professionals.

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“As experts in crypto taxes we advise you on tax efficient structures. We help you navigate the complex tax landscape of the crypto market and comply with all applicable tax regulations with ease!”

Georg Brameshuber

Use your crypto assets your way.

You have made profits from your crypto assets and now you want to turn them into cash? There is only one remaining hurdle between you and your financial happiness: you can’t access your money because your bank wants to know the origin of the funds. A recognized certificate will help you to get your payout faster.

We help you with tax advice and accounting

Whether you want to get 100,000 transactions in order for your tax return or have questions about taxes, we can help you get your crypto tax done quickly and with legal compliance.

  • Spot-on tax advice = problem solved.
    We’ll assist you to file your accurate crypto tax return.
  • Bring order to any maze of transactions with time-saving crypto accounting.
  • If the tax office has checked with you, we will find the solution.

Crypto assets, tax-optimised.

What’s even better than crypto assets? Tax-optimised crypto assets! We help you find the best structure for your digital assets:

  • We show you wealth structures that optimize your digital assets in a legally compliant way.
  • Duties for digital assets can be complicated. With reliable guidance you save time by getting it right from the start.

How Validvent Tax benefits you

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Cashing out

Do you want to turn your crypto profits into cash? Do you need proof of funds for the payout? You are at the right place.


Optimized management of crypto assets in your portfolio

We develop suitable structures with you, that enable you to manage your crypto assets in a tax-optimized way.

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Time-saving tax returns

Do you already have an accountant to help you with your tax return but he or she does not know about crypto taxes? This is how you save time and money: We bring order to your crypto transactions. Your tax advisor takes care of the rest.

How it works

You can get a big step closer to living off crypto in 15 minutes in a consultation with us. Together we define your goals and give you a first assessment of your tax questions.