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Georg Brameshuber

CEO | Tax Advisor & Lawyer
Georg combines theory and practice: He is a certified tax consultant, lawyer, Web3 entrepreneur and he researched and taught cryptoeconomics at the Institute of Financial Law at Vienna Universtiy for 5 years. Georg has the big picture in mind. He has a passion for big visions and likes it best when several things happen at the same time. Typical of a lawyer, he prefers to read all day long. Crypto experts benefit from his experience as a Web3 founder and his knowledge of the economic and technical context of the crypto economy. Crypto beginners benefit from his many years of experience in teaching.

“Web3 is here to stay. With our ventures, we are passionately pursuing this purpose. We want to be part of shaping things by building them ourselves.”

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Katharina Scheutz

Business Development & Education
Kata started her career as an auditor and chartered accountant in New Zealand, where she moved to when she was 20. From an international auditing firm to a family business: she has professional experience in diverse corporate cultures. She discovered crypto in 2018 and started her career in Web3 soon after. Her passion is making seemingly complex topics understandable. When she manages projects, she makes sure all the details fit together to make the big picture work. Customers benefit from her crypto experience and tax knowledge.

“I engage daily with the developments in Web3 and like to try things out to understand how they work through experience. Customers benefit from this experience.”

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Moritz Luftensteiner

IT & Security
Moritz has a gift for keeping several balls in the air simultaneously and prefers working on multiple projects at once. In doing so, he always keeps on top of things and asks the important questions. As an early crypto adopter, Moritz knows the Web3 industry and its technologies from the ground up and dedicates himself to it with great objective motivation. He has been working in the IT industry for over 15 years. In his professional positions in technical support, database development and system & network administration, he has gained in-depth experience with a wide variety of technologies. He is looking for challenges and meeting the expectations of his customers at the highest level is his goal. As an advocate of free, open software and data autonomy, a critical view as well as a cautious approach are especially important to him. He loves to explore and explain contexts and would rather make one backup too many than too few.

“Effective tax advice for digital assets requires a deep understanding of the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency market and a strong ability to navigate complex legal frameworks. Our goal is to stay maximally informed and involved in this area to ensure our clients are legally compliant and always one step ahead.”

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Ursula Koller

Chief of Staff
“Mama de la Casa”: with her unique and friendly nature and more than 38 years of professional experience in dealing with a wide variety of people, Ursula is the heart and soul of our team. She has worked in a variety of social and educational settings, including counseling and supervision at the Graz Women’s Shelter, advocacy for self-determination, freedom and equality for all people, elementary education in leadership and teaching roles, and in various art projects. This wide range of experiences has allowed Ursula to develop a deep understanding of people and their needs. In addition to her professional career, Ursula can also be seen on stage and in front of the photo lens for various Austrian and international productions. Her experience in interfaith and peace work as well as in the road infrastrucutre department of the city of Graz enables her to handle a wide range of tasks. Ursula is the perfect team leader, overlooking office operations with empathy and joy. Her guiding principle “Use your head, follow your heart and go with your gut” reflects her understanding that success requires a combination of mind, heart and intuition. She believes that everyone has the potential to be successful if they follow their dreams and passions while listening to their instinct.

„Use your head, follow your heart and go with your gut“

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