Crypto Tax Optimization

We look into your crypto past to customize a personalized and tax-efficient financial strategy
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Three Use Cases for Crypto Tax Optimization

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Decoding complex token mechanisms, governance structures, and economic incentives to identify optimal classification of inflows.

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Analyzing crypto transactions in tax tools: including liquidity mining, staking, or NFTs to find a tax-efficient and compliant way to represent transaction data.

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Tax Reports

Testing and analyzing different calculation methods, including average cost, First-In-First-Out, and other forms of permitted allocation like OPTI in all supported jurisdictions.

Meet the Team

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Georg Brameshuber

CEO | Tax Advisor & Lawyer

Georg is a tax advisor, lawyer, legal scholar, and entrepreneur specializing in cryptography and blockchain technology. For five years, he was an assistant professor at Vienna University, researching and teaching crypto-economics. Today Georg is head of Validvent Tax , specializing in international cryptocurrency taxation for data analysis and interpretation.

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Robert Andrée

Director | Crypto Data Analyst

Robert is an expert in investigative research on tokens, blockchain protocols, NFTs, and more, to uncover optimization potential. As a dedicated crypto power user since 2017, he has been deeply immersed in the crypto world. His professional journey led him directly into the realm of crypto taxes, and his experiences have positioned him as one of the leading experts in the analysis and documentation of crypto transactions.

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